About us

BS Telecom Solutions d.o.o. was founded in 2002. and has profiled itself as a manufacturer, supplier and integrator of complete telecommunication and information systems which are based on modern technologies and our own technological research. The concept of offered solutions is always in accordance with client's requests and needs and it is based on international standards from telecommunication and IT fields. The main goal of the company is that by offering the appropriate system, the client can always be competitive and increase its own profitability. In order to always improve ourselves and satisfy our clients with constant improvements of our services and products, BS Telecom Ltd has implemented quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.

Implementation methods

  • Custom-tailored solutions
  • Close and interactive communication with clients throughout the entire work cycle
  • Creating new services and technologies in accordance to clients' needs
  • Researching new possibilities and complete implementation of services for our clients


The best characteristic of all BS Telecom products is scalability. To fulfill requests for telecom operators of all sizes with different business modules, we have developed our products so they are suitable for operators with tens of thousands of subscribers as well as operators with tens of millions of subscribers.


Research and development of new services and technologies, engineering solutions in the field of telecommunications, project and design of intelligent systems,  and support for entire implementation cycle. 

Fundamental purpose

Efficient increase in client's productivity by implementing innovative services, systems and the latest electronic equipment and technologies. 


Our team of over 50 highly educated engineers is capable of providing solutions and fulfilling complex client requirements. Capability of our programmers enables us to use any developed platform in a short period of time. For complex tasks, we offer the services of using local specialists for work in the field, on client’s location, in order to minimize the time needed for project implementation.