Social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility represents one of the key ethical and moral principles that BS Telecom Solutions Ltd. applies from its beginning. Since we all share this planet, we strive to contribute as much as we can in the effort of creating better society where everyone would be happier, and resources would be available to all today as well as to future generations. With that in mind, we try to use our new ideas to daily contribute for the better, both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad.


BS Telecom Solutions Ltd. has an annual goal, which is regularly achieved:

  • To hire - employ at least 2 senior year students
  • To hire - employ at least 2 engineers from Unemployment Office list


BS Telecom Solutions Ltd. tries to participate in as many humanitarian actions as possible, such as:

  • Blood donation actions
  • Helping orphan children
  • Helping disabled population
  • Donations to sport clubs