Fire Alarm

Modern system for fire alarm and detection based on linear optical sensor cable and addressable point detectors makes the tunnel exceptionally safe for all passengers.
In case of incident situation, there are four ways of activating the system:

Optical-thermal sensors

Detection of smoke and increased temperature

Input/output modules

Detection of each manual movement of fire extinguisher from its housing as well as opening of entrance door in a SOS niche an opening of the door between the two tunnel tubes

Linear fire detector

Optical sensor cable – it is lined along the entire tunnel ceiling and it detects increased temperature on each meter

Manual fire detectors

Installed alongside the tunnel and can be manual activated by pedestrians


  • 1. TMCC
  • 2. Optical sensor cable
  • 3. Optical thermal sensor
  • 4. Manual fire detector
  • 5. Input/output Module (Fire extinguisher)
  • 6. Fire alarm station in SOS niche
  • 7. One-way communication

The entire tunnel is divided into fire alarm zones and in case of the incident situation, TMCC will identify the zone and activate zone-appropriate scenario.