NTS billing

NTS billing is a solution created for telecom operators for billing of Value – Added (VA) services that are realized in cooperation with other partners, regardless if the services in question will be paid by the end user or if the partner will pay for its users.
Neke od VA usluga koje su podržane out-of-the-box:
Main modules of this solution are:

Partners and requests

The module manages partners from the point of submitting a request to the point of creating a contract. This module has a possibility of creating different types of requests, orders and contracts depending on the services that the partner chose, as well as the additional options that are available for each service.

Tariffing and billing

The module tariffs realized traffic of end users and other partners’ services (short-term and periodic). Depending if the service will be paid by the end user or by the partner, the system generates reports for profit distribution or generating partner invoice. Besides that, this module also does billing of other categories such as discount, tax, penalties etc.

Collection control

This module has a capability to integrate with other systems in telecom operators in which there is tracking of bill collection (such as other billing systems) and based on that, the module can allow transferring payment from end user to the partner, only if the end user has paid the bill for the period in which VA services were used. This protects telecom operators from foul play.

NTS billing represents the complete solution that enables telecom operators to offer Value-Added services in a simple and safe way with integration with the existing business solution of the operator.