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Billing systems
Pay toll system
The pay toll system is a complete solution for highway operators for the "end-to-end" pay toll process.
The solution is able to support various pay toll models, including: electronic pay toll, "stop and go" manual pay toll, etc.
Benefits of pay toll system:
The solution provides multiple payment channels which makes it very accessible to customers:
The solutions contain multiple user interfaces for different users such as: end customers, controllers and administrators.
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Interbilling is a special solution for telecom operators created for „wholesale“ trade with other national or international telecom operators (interconnection) regardless if the transaction is buying or selling telecommunication services.
Main modules of this solution are:


The purpose of this module is to gather call data records (CDS) from all network elements that are interconnection points, so the entire realized inbound and outbound traffic towards other operators can be tariffed. Mediation module already, out-of the-box, supports recording formats of leading manufacturers like Ericsson, Nokia etc.

Price Engine

The module is in charge of processing traffic pricelists. In interconnection, each operator regularly sends updated pricelists (in Excel format) for all destinations that it has in its offer. The role of this module is to, in an easy and simple way, perform parsing and loading of new pricelists so the correct prices for specific destination can be applied during tariffing.


The role of this module is to tariff the entire realized traffic with interconnection operators. After each billing period for inbound traffic the invoices are issued for the operators, while for the outbound traffic the system generates control invoices that can be matched with the invoices issued by the interconnection operator. This module also has various tools for tariff control in case there is traffic that does not have defined tariffing rules.

Routing Manager

The role of this module is that, based on the prices for specific destination provided by the interconnection operators (price for each destination is in the pricelist), choose the cheapest operator and based on that creates routing rules for traffic in order to minimize outbound traffic cost.


The module has many statistical reports that enable complete insight in interconnection traffic (tracking per operators, destinations etc.) so all the important characteristics of the system can be obtained before the billing itself.

In addition to these base modules, the solution covers the complete process of interconnection billing that one operator needs, from creating contracts with partner operator to final invoicing or confirmation of received invoice.

NTS billing
NTS billing is a solution created for telecom operators for billing of Value – Added (VA) services that are realized in cooperation with other partners, regardless if the services in question will be paid by the end user or if the partner will pay for its users.
Some of the VA services that are supported out-of-the-box:
Main modules of this solution are:

Partners and requests

The module manages partners from the point of submitting a request to the point of creating a contract. This module has a possibility of creating different types of requests, orders and contracts depending on the services that the partner chose, as well as the additional options that are available for each service.

Tariffing and billing

The module tariffs realized traffic of end users and other partners’ services (short-term and periodic). Depending if the service will be paid by the end user or by the partner, the system generates reports for profit distribution or generating partner invoice. Besides that, this module also does billing of other categories such as discount, tax, penalties etc.

Collection control

This module has a capability to integrate with other systems in telecom operators in which there is tracking of bill collection (such as other billing systems) and based on that, the module can allow transferring payment from end user to the partner, only if the end user has paid the bill for the period in which VA services were used. This protects telecom operators from foul play.

NTS billing represents the complete solution that enables telecom operators to offer Value-Added services in a simple and safe way with integration with the existing business solution of the operator.

Utility Billing & CRM
Utility Billing & CRM is a complete solution for utility companies from different industries regardless if it is water supply system, gas, heating, electricity or other.
The main processes covered by the solution are:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Enables tracking user data as well as tracking interaction with the user.


Enables different ways of billing services, invoicing and collection control for issued bills.

In addition to that, the solution covers all other processes important for utility companies, such as:

Meter reading

Manual or automatic/remote

Meter tracking

Meter lifecycle tracking from purchasing new items, usage, regular maintenance, calibration and write-off.

Payment notices and lawsuits

Creating payment notices and lawsuits according to a predefined criteria and automatic electronic lodging to the court.

Complaints tracking

Tracking of user complaint processes from filing a complaint to solving it, regardless if it is bill correction or malfunction report.

The system supports over 70 out-of-the-box reports (statistical and analytical) that provide insight to all relevant technical and financial characteristics of the system.
Telecom Billing & CRM
Telecom Billing & CRM is a solution customized for the telecom operators which covers user management processes, quote creation (service packages), and billing services and money collection from end users. Regardless if the service offered is fixed phone, mobile phone or internet services, the system has specific solutions for all types of services (i.e. for mobile phone service there are special modules for tracking SIM cards, ISDN numbers etc).
Some of the main modules of this system are:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

It tracks all the information relevant to the end user. The module has capability of creating complex user hierarchy.

Marketing Package

The module represents the basis for creating complete service packages, regardless of the service type.


The module performs automatic activation of services on network elements. The module is open to integration with different types of network elements.

Rating & Billing

The module does service tariffing and periodic service billing depending on package settings that were assigned to a user.

Document Formating

The module generates different documents such as user invoices and other formal documents such as contracts and others.

This solution covers the entire process from user entry, service subscription, service activation, traffic tariffing, billing and invoicing, as showed on the scheme: