Telecom Billing & CRM

Telecom Billing & CRM is a solution customized for the telecom operators which covers user management processes, quote creation (service packages), and billing services and money collection from end users. Regardless if the service offered is fixed phone, mobile phone or internet services, the system has specific solutions for all types of services (i.e. for mobile phone service there are special modules for tracking SIM cards, ISDN numbers etc).
Some of the main modules of this system are:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

It tracks all the information relevant to the end user. The module has capability of creating complex user hierarchy.

Marketing Package

The module represents the basis for creating complete service packages, regardless of the service type.


The module performs automatic activation of services on network elements. The module is open to integration with different types of network elements.

Rating & Billing

The module does service tariffing and periodic service billing depending on package settings that were assigned to a user.

Document Formating

The module generates different documents such as user invoices and other formal documents such as contracts and others.

This solution covers the entire process from user entry, service subscription, service activation, traffic tariffing, billing and invoicing, as showed on the scheme: