Utility Billing & CRM

Utility Billing & CRM is a complete solution for utility companies from different industries regardless if it is water supply system, gas, heating, electricity or other.
The main processes covered by the solution are:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Enables tracking user data as well as tracking interaction with the user.


Enables different ways of billing services, invoicing and collection control for issued bills.

In addition to that, the solution covers all other processes important for utility companies, such as:

Meter reading

Manual or automatic/remote

Meter tracking

Meter lifecycle tracking from purchasing new items, usage, regular maintenance, calibration and write-off.

Payment notices and lawsuits

Creating payment notices and lawsuits according to a predefined criteria and automatic electronic lodging to the court.

Complaints tracking

Tracking of user complaint processes from filing a complaint to solving it, regardless if it is bill correction or malfunction report.

The system supports over 70 out-of-the-box reports (statistical and analytical) that provide insight to all relevant technical and financial characteristics of the system.