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Products and services

Complete telecommunication and information systems

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Impeccable IT solutions to the market based on our research,
development, deployment of new technologies

Intelligent traffic system

The Intelligent Transport System (ITS) aims to provide innovative services related to different modes of transport and traffic management.

Smart City

Smart City is a smart combination of urban infrastructure and technology keeping in mind the aspect of society.


Our Billing CRM is a complete solution for utility companies from various industries, whether it is plumbing, gas, heating, electricity or other.


An unavoidable segment of customer relationship management is to ensure a quality way of communicating with customers through all communication channels.

Other services

Meet energy-efficient metering services, SkyTracker is a vehicle tracking system, short message service center and MEDIO platform for telecommunications solutions.

Bs Telecom

Implementation methods

  • Creating a solution tailored to the customer
  • Close and constructive interaction with customers throughout the work cycle
  • Creating new services, technologies and systems tailored to customer needs
  • Exploring prospects and complete implementation of customer service


The best feature of all BS Telecom Solutions d.o.o. products is scalability. In order to meet the requirements of operators of all sizes with diverse business models, we have developed our products in a way that we can offer a solution to operators with tens of thousands of subscribers as well as operators with over 50 million subscribers.

Fundamental purpose

Effectively increase provider productivity by implementing innovative services, systems and modern electronic equipment and technologies.